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Here at Ag Worx 225, we are dedicated to providing the Prairieville area with excellent lawn care services. We want to share our knowledge of lawn care with all homeowners who might not know about the many benefits it can bring to their property.

Our mulch installation, for example, is beneficial to each Prairieville property, and we want to tell you why. Below we have listed just a few of the many reasons mulching can improve your residential home. If you're ready to get scheduled then give us a call at 225-308-1173 today!

Improved Curb Appeal

Mulch installation is a great way to instantly boost the curb appeal of your residential property. There are many different types of mulch that we install such as wood mulch, pine straw, and rock. These options allow for your landscape beds, your foundation, your trees and shrubs, and your garden beds to look manicured and polished. Our experts are sure to bring out your lawn's full potential with our mulch installation.

Improved Soil

Mulch is also an excellent means of improving the soil for your lawn, it's not just for aesthetic purposes. Wood mulch as well as other organic mulches break down over time. When these mulches do break down, it increases the organic matter in the soil. This organic matter then increases the soil's ability to retain plant nutrients.

Weed Prevention

If you want to prevent weeds from going on your lawn, mulch installation is right for you. When mulch is placed over areas where weeds can potentially grow, it blocks the sunlight as well as the landscape needed to grow. If you've got weeds on your Prairieville property, then give us a call!